Business Bank Account

You’ll want to keep your personal financing separate from your business dealings. Having a separate business bank account will make bookkeeping much easier. All transactions will be on a single account.

Having a business bank account means all your checks and wire transfers will have your company’s name instead of your own, making you look much more official and legit.

Fair warning, business bank accounts have much more stipulations than a personal checking account. Business accounts have higher minimum balances, transaction limits, cash deposit limits, and higher fees.

Make sure your bank allows foreign wire transfers. There is always a fee for a foreign wire transfer, but just make sure they have the ability.

Also don't forget to get a business credit card. Business credit cards are cool because you can give each employee a card. All the cards will link to the same account, but you can see the individual spending and set individual limits. Find a card that gives you good cashback deals.

For a business bank account and credit card, I recommend Chase.