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Lost Boy Entertainment

Kangaroo Toss

Kangaroo Toss

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Game Info

Age Range: 14 years and up

Player Count: 3-6 Players

Length of Play: 45 Mins


The goal of Kangaroo Toss is to be the first player to advance their ring the length of the field and back. On your turn, toss your ring down the field. You now have three attempts to toss a sandbag inside your ring. If you succeed, your ring remains in its new location. Otherwise, return your ring to its original location. As you race to the finish line, you can target opponents to send them backward or risk all your progress by taking a chance with a fourth toss.


6 Rope Rings

6 Colored Sandbag

6 Brown Sandbags

4 Wooden Pylons

1 Leather Carrying Case

1 Rulebook

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