Case Packing

For shipping purposes, your game will need to be case-packed. A case (sometimes called a carton) is simply a rigid cardboard box that holds several units of your game. The cases will be stacked onto a pallet for easy shipping and storage.

Carton and Pallets

Your manufacturer will give you options of how you want your game case-packed. You will need to decided how many units of your game go into a case and in what orientation. Keep in mind these considerations:

- Make sure your case is relatively easy to carry. Not too heavy and not too wide.
- Make sure your units are not crushing each other.
- Perhaps choose a popular quantity that wholesalers will order, so there's no repackaging.
- Amazon does not allow a case to weigh more than 50lbs.
- Amazon does not allow more than 150 units per case.

You manufacturer will then order custom case boxes to fit your needs. Here is a list of the case-packing options my manufacturer provided:

Packing case