Media Kit: Cheers To The Governor

Development Backstory
Based off the classic campfire game, Cheers To The Governor was designed to bring large groups of all demographics together.


  • 3+ players
  • Ages 8+
  • 30 mins
  • Cooperative

Cheers To The Governor is a cooperative party game intended for large groups and loud laughs. Based off a popular summer camp activity, Cheers To the Governor has been reimagined into a more practical package for the masses.

How to Market
Cheers To The Governor can be played by an unlimited number of players, making it fun for all ages, all groups, and all occasions.

In Cheers To The Governor your team must memorize a series of zany actions. The game is simple but the struggle is real. Pressure mounts with each advancing round. Stay on track through mishaps and laughter as your team strives for perfection in this hilarious party game!

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