Media Kit: King's Cup Extreme

Development Backstory

While drinking games have always been insanely popular, we found that newer drinking games have become too gratuitous. Every game contains the same absurdly uncomfortable cards:

- I must strip down to my underwear.
- I must text my ex I'm still in love.
- I must lick the next player.

No one ever performs these actions. And the punishment is take two shots, which is also never performed. Just players flipping over cards until something reasonable appears. The game's effort to be edgy completely backfires.

So we wanted to make a fun drinking game that felt fresh and where people actually wanted to participate. And that’s how King's Cup Extreme was created.


  • 3+ players
  • Ages 18+
  • 30 mins
  • No player elimination
  • Doesn't need to be played with alcohol

Kings! Ring of Fire! Circle of Death! No matter what you call it, the classic drinking game you learn in seconds and play for hours just got even better! Includes fan favorites plus clever, never-before-seen cards.

How to Market
King's Cup Extreme is based off a popular party game in the public domain. Sometimes referred to as Kings, Ring of Fire, or Circle of Death, this classic college drinking game has been revamped for a more widespread audience.

The original game is played with a normal deck of cards. Each number represents an action. A player draws a card and performs the action. However this means there are only 13 actions in the whole game, which becomes very very repetitive. And most of the actions are basic with only about 3 true crowd pleasers. Yet somehow this is still the most popular drinking card game.

King's Cup Extreme has over 100 unique cards. We took the best house rules from across campuses nationwide and added in our own exciting cards to create the perfect deck. This group game hits the sweet spot making each time feel different, fun, and worthy of headlining the party.

Instructions are written on each card so you can play instantly, no need to explain the rules to your guests. Simply pull a card, follow the command, and kickstart your night. Plus the vast majority of college students and recent grads already know the basic gameplay. There is no learning curve.

The cards are 100% waterproof (and beerproof). Spill all you want, these cards won’t get damaged. Made from a lightweight plastic that’s durable yet bendable for easy shuffling. Play by the pool, jacuzzi, or beach without worry.

Alcohol is not required, any beverage is suitable for playing.

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Photos and Videos

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          Fun Montage

          Original Vs. Extreme