Media Kit: Plunder

Development Backstory
With the rise in popularity of European board games in the United States, such as Settlers of Catan and Ticket To Ride, we wanted to design a similar style game but one tailored to the American consumer from conception. We wanted to make a fun, competitive game that had premium components, intuitive rules, and high-replay value. And that’s how Plunder: A Pirate’s Life was created.


  • 2 to 6 players
  • Ages 10+
  • 20 mins/player
  • Modular board
  • Team-Play variant
  • No player elimination
  • Thematic and intuitive gameplay
  • Ships are upgradeable using pegs

Pitch (for casual gamers)
Adventure and riches await any swashbuckler brave enough to command a fleet. Conquer islands to gain valuable resources. Build and upgrade your ships with masts and cannons. Wage war against rival captains and rule the seas. It's time to unleash your inner pirate, it's time to Plunder!

How to Market (for casual gamers)
Plunder: A Pirate's Life is a mix between Risk and Settlers of Catan. The gameplay has a nostalgia factor which makes Plunder already feel like a modern classic. This resonates with the target audience of families and casual gamers.

Players will conquer and control islands to gain resources. Those resources are then spent to improve and expand their fleets. Ships are upgraded by adding life, mast, and cannon pegs. Players will wage war, hunt for treasure, and avoid the ever-wandering storm on their quest to rule the seas. Plunder is the quintessential pirate game.

Plunder’s ocean map changes with every game so there’s tons of replayability. The game length is not too short to be unsatisfying and not too long to drag. There’s also no player elimination which means every captain fights to the very end.

Plunder can look overwhelming at first to the average consumer. Most customers who are only familiar with Monopoly, Risk, and Life might be intimidated by all the components and lengthy rulebook. However, the game was designed for this kind of customer. The highly thematic and intuitive gameplay makes learning easy.

Pitch (for hobby gamers)
Plunder is a competitive, gateway game played on a modular ocean map. Players sail their upgradeable pirate ships and collect victory points via area control, dice combat, and resource management.

How To Market (for hobby gamers)
To hardcore gamers, Plunder is a premium gateway game. They will respect the quality of the components, the wide range of mechanics, and the numerous moving parts involved compared to traditional gateway games. However, some tend to find the game has a bit too much luck for their liking.

This is a gateway game they can play with their casual gaming friends and still be entertained. No other gateway game is this competitive and interactive. Great for those who want a break from Settlers of Catan.

This is also a great game to gift friends you want to join the hobby. The strong pirate theme appeals much more to the average consumer.

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